l there are four paragraphs need your opinion for each one if you agree or disagree with it


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Reliability – To allow the same person to take the same test multiple times and getting the same results.Validity – To be able to have a measure the scores of a test given. It is important to consider the reliability of a test when given a test to someone for counseling purposes or job placement because if the test is not reliable and gives incorrect measurements then a person can receive the incorrect data for treatment or will be placed in a position at job that they may not know about or may not have the exact skill set to learn. The validity of the test is important because if the measurements make no sense or do not have easily readable scores there cannot be a way to be able to give results or correct measurements


Within personality tests, validity and reliability are something to pay close attention to. Validity is defined as being able to measure exactly what it should be and reliability is defined as a test that can have almost the same end result each time it is given to a person. These are important because you want to be sure you are taking a test that can actually prove what it should for you and render accurate results for the person taking it. They are also important for counseling and job placement because if you are given an incorrect personality test, it can give false information on the type of person you. Which can lead to misdiagnoses in counseling or to not getting the job you applied for.


Learning at the University level is quite a bit different from anything that I am used to. Though I do quite a bit of reading, writing and even memorization throughout the course of my day, I was interested in studying new ways to learn information that would be more conducive to the rigors of taking a double-course-load and perform at or above the level of expectation that I set for myself.

A large portion of what my business does is provide consultation to companies seeking to expand into new states. One of my roles is that of a contractor licensing qualifier. In that capacity, I am responsible for taking contractor and electrical licensing exams throughout the US. I have been able to narrow down techniques that work for my particular learning methods, and so far the most effective ones have been Auditory Learning and Writing. These are two of the four modalities that comprise the VARK sensory-based learning style: Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing and Kinesthetic. (Sitton, 2009). I took the VARK questionnaire at the site, and compared my results to my expectations. I scored a 3 for Visual, 5 for Aural and a whopping 7 for Reading/Writing as my preferred learning method. I only received a 1 for Kinesthetic, which makes sense. Hands-on kinesthetic learning is one of my least favorite ways of grasping complex topics as of late.

According to, the reliability estimates for the VARK survey are “0.85, 0.82, 0.84 and 0.77 for the Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic sub-scales.” (VARK Learn, n.d.). The site doesn’t provide any information regarding Validity, but indicates that they are wanting to conduct a long-term group study.

I was able to learn something interesting about my particular style of learning. Studies on long-term memory have shown that expressive writing can have extensive benefit to “autobiographical memory”. (Maestas & Rude, 2012). Writing for pleasure also acts as a therapeutic form of self-expression, and even help individuals that lean towards “cognitive and emotional avoidance”. (Maestas & Rude, 2012).


I chose to do the Five Factor Model for the personality test. I feel overall it was pretty accurate based on how I carry myself as a person. I think that these personality tests can assist with helping people get selected for jobs and team building because it can show the participants what their strengths are, however it could cause issues possibly if used in marriage counseling. It could make people realize how different or alike they are which can make their issues worse.

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