Writing Module 7

To: New Consulting Team Member

From: CEO
Re: Research

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Great to see you made it this far. As you know we are a learning organization and to help facilitate this we have all of our consulting team members do additional research to help the organization grow. We are expecting a large consulting contract that will help a medium sized company with managing their people. I want you to get prepared for this engagement by researching and writing about all you have learned about management before the end of the week. Specifically what are the top 10 management skills and why.

In case you were wondering, you were chosen this time because you I like the way you write, so don’t let us down. I am counting on you to provide solutions to our client’s issues.

Top 10 management skills

This assignment is for you to write on what you have learned so far and what you should know/learn as a manager. I would encourage you to write the paper for your own self-learning and self-assessment for being a manager/leader.


Write a 750-1000 word paper (minimum 750 words) research/self reflection paper in APA research format with abstract, keywords, introduction, content and summary/conclusion, with a minimum of 5 outside research/internet references. Head each section of your paper to correspond to the numbers of each question (1, 2, 3) below:

1) From your learning in the course so far and/or from your experience as well as from your personal belief or philosophy, list what you feel are the 10 most important Management skills a manager needs to have? (Think about the Golden rule, how you would like to be treated if you were an employee being managed).

2) Research the Internet and find / cite 2 reliable sources that identify the top 10 management skills according to management experts or management consultants.(Do you have or have you developed these skills?).

3) Think about the future of management and business….research the Internet (3 sources) and write about what the experts or trends are for future management and leadership skills….what management skills will be needed in the future? Do managers have these skills today? If they do not have these skills today how will they develop them for the future? What is PSYCAP?…research this term and what it means, do you have this and does it help a manager to have PSYCAP?

The assignment is designed for you to think about where you are now and which of these skills do you need in the futur

(Think about the Golden rule, how you would like to be treated if you were an employee being managed).

Please remember that the assignments is for your researched thought. If you describe an opinion it should be grounded in citation and reference based research. The purpose of the assignment is for you to critically examine issues, using research as your foundation for your ideas. Ideas built from research create credibility with the reader. It also enhances your critical thinking as well as your own enlightenment. Many times we have an opinion that after we research the opinion we find that there is evidence of counter intuitive concepts that lead to new ways of looking at our original idea.

Do remember that it is not good form to use the first person in professional writing.

Week 7 textbook power points are attached.

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