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Specifics: This (minimum) 1,200 word* draft will be a full-fledged essay that introduces and defends and enthymeme that responds to a question at issue of your own design and choosing. The Q@I must be related to and contextualized within the conversations we’ve had this term about food justice. You are encouraged to also draw from the conversations in our class discussions.

My enthymeme is this: “The government should invest in developing advanced agricultural technologies because the government is responsible for reducing food deserts.”

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Your essay should engage with at least two of the assigned sources.

Note: Cannot be used as penalty-free late.

Guidelines that Apply to All Essays in WR 122

Essay Cycles

All of the contractual labor for this class fits into two essay cycles. For each, you will craft a thoughtful persuasive essay concerning food justice using our course readings. You will then have the opportunity to revise these essays based on peer and instructor feedback. In all of the essays you will produce for this class, you should:

Introduce your essay with a paragraph that hooks your reader, establishes the context for your argument, and states your enthymeme.

Develop and organize your argument through the reason of your enthymeme.

This line of reasoning will include

  1. an inquiry into the reason informed by specific evidence
  2. a major counterargument, followed by a rebuttal, and
  3. an earned conclusion.

Credit the ideas of others by including parenthetical citations, and a Works Cited page that lists the sources you cite in your essay. Adhere to the conventions of MLA documentation.

Polish your writing. Aim to write formal academic prose while remaining hospitable to your readers. Adhere to the grammatical requirements of Standard Edited American English, MLA documentation style, and formatting guidelines stated on our class Canvas Page.

All Essay Minimum Requirements Checklists

All essays must meet the minimum requirements of the assignment, including word count and formatting requirements.

Logical Development Requirements

In order to earn an “On Time” grade for this assignment, the essay must:

  • Respond to a significant question at issueof your choosing that is related to and/or contextualized within the conversations we’ve had thus far this term regarding food justice;
  • Effectively incorporate at least two(2) of the assigned readings into the “conversation” through the use of direct quotes, paraphrase, and summary
  • Make an original argument about some problem, disagreement,or gap in knowledge that’s based in the conversations we’ve developed on the weekly discussion boards
    • To clarify: When I say I want you to write an original argument, I mean that I want you to focus on developing your ideas and your ownline of reasoning instead of simply summarizing one of the source’s arguments back at me.
    • Additionally, you and your peers may use similar questions at issue or make similar claims, but the wayyou argue the point will be different from theirs. In other words, it is just fine to use the same Q@I as your peers and to make a similar argument. The originality will come through in the way you write the argument.
  • Include a properly formatted and underlined enthymeme (includes a claim, a reason, and a shared term) that identifies the argument you’re developing
  • Develop the line of reasoning clearly and logically by providing evidence, analysis, and explanation to support the reason and, if need be, the warrant of your essay.
    • For our purposes, evidence includes:
      • Quotes or paraphrases from the assigned readings
      • Personal anecdotes or observations
      • Logical reasoning
      • Analysis of evidence and explanation of your reasoning
    • Include a strong, thoughtful, and ethical engagement with at least one reasonable counterargument, and then carefully rebut that counterargument.
    • Earn the claim/conclusion of the argument by clearly explaining and supporting the logic of your premises (the reason and the warrant) and their connection to the claim

Mechanical, Formatting, and Submission Requirements

  • Meets the word count minimum (excluding the Works Cited page)
  • Uses formal academic prose
  • Adheres to the requirements of Standard Edited American English, MLA documentation style, and formatting guidelines stated in the syllabus
  • Includes parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page that lists the texts you cite in your essay
  • Arrives on time as a digital copy on Canvas
  • Arrives physically in class on time for peer review

Source Use

You must draw upon at least two sources from our class in all essays. You may also use the Oxford English Dictionary in both essay cycles.

Must use at least 2 sources from here:

1. Dan Koeppel: “Can This Fruit be Saved?,” (7-14)

2. “Preparing for the Future,” United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Advisory Committee on Biotechnology and 21stCentury Agriculture (25-39)

3. “Ricekeepers: A Struggle to Protect Biodiversity and a Native American Way of Life,” Winona LaDuke (18-24)

4. Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply Introduction, Vandana Shiva (54-56)


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