Write a report answering the following questions from case study

Write a report answering the following questions from the ‘It’s not what you know … it’s who you know’ case study that will be made available through the Moodle website. Please find the case study on the 8th page of the pdf available in the Moodle website.

Case Study Questions:

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  1. The initial interview and orientation presented a very strong message about the knowledge environment operating at Manic Marketers. What features were portrayed? How did these differ from reality?
  2. A mentor has certain functions in an organisation. Identify the types of support offered by this mentor. What else could the mentor have done to help Damon gain organisational knowledge?
  3. In this context, the recording of client data is a major benefit to the organisation. Identify the types of information that should be included and discuss how they might have been recorded as codified knowledge. Review KM Viewpoint 2.1 (on the 4th page of the pdf available in the moodle website) and identify the other forms of knowledge which would have been of value to Damon in this initial stage.
  4. Using KM Viewpoint 2.2 (on the 6th page of the pdf available in the moodle website), evaluate the social capital factors which were evident in the knowledge environment. What, in your opinion were the key weaknesses?
  5. Manic Marketers needed to develop some very different approaches to how they share their knowledge. Identify some strategies which might be considered. How would you implement these strategies? What impediments to sharing can you identify?

I have attached the Its not what you know … its who you know.pdf file is the case study and resources files, the Assessment 2B is the questions files.

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