Write a one-page single-spaced Executive Summary

Write a one-page single-spaced Executive Summary in which you pitch a new book idea to a textbook publisher. Your book is about “strategic marketing planning”. Your pitch is that this will be an innovative textbook that is 5-to-10 years ahead of the competition.

Paper assessment criteria: Be sure to mobilize the concepts and methods discussed in class during the lectures and with our guest speakers. Address questions such as: What is your vision of the future “textbook market”? Will the future products be actual “textbooks”? How will the products “look like”? How will they work? What technologies or methods will they rely upon? How will students, teachers, and universities “consume” them? What business models? How will your book be significantly different and better than existing textbooks? Be sure to use your research methods to support your vision. Include quantitative data, reliable references, experts’ projections, and if possible, scenarios. Explain why it is in the textbook publisher’s strategic interests to accept your book idea.

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Important note: you do not have to describe specifically the actual content of the book, but you should write at least one paragraph explaining what “strategic marketing planning” is and the kind of content or learning objectives.

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