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Caliber QC Business Case

  1. Problem and Its impact :

Business decisions took too long. Auditors were using spreadsheets to keep track of people in the batch;notes and grades assigned to trainees. An individual spreadsheet was created for every batch and it was unorganized and difficult to keep track in one place.

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Let’s say you have a batch that is performing poorly, well how do you know it’s performing poorly? You would have to go and collect a sequence of excel spreadsheets and compile it together into one spreadsheet and then run average calculations on that batch. Even then all you could calculate was their average, there was no way to relate that to all other batches to know whether it is an outlier or if that is normal. You would have to do it by rule of thumb and just experience in your head. So if you on-boarded a new QC member or a new trainer, they had no relative view of things. The impact is it causes a skew in the numbers, hard business decisions and difficulty collecting the data which equates to cost and brand impact. It also affects the relationship between Revature and Clients, as clients don’t want to waste their time interviewing potentially unqualified candidates thus wasted resources.

Possible Solution options:

(for each solution you provide, provide a cost benefit analysis to that solution and any risks to that solution and any onstraints and dependencies for that solution [Look Below]

Cost-Benefit Analysis: An Excel execution to determine/communicate the value of the project after all cost considerations. Include all associated costs with executing the project.

Risk Assessment: Identifies and quantifies potential risks to the success of the project and how they will be managed.

Constraints and dependencies:

Success criteria, Metric , KPIs:

An overall Recommended solution: A software management tool called Caliber.


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