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Pick a company of which you think highly. Either you are a great customer of theirs, perhaps you have studied them during your college career or maybe you know someone else who had an experience with the organization and you have embraced the experience 2nd hand. The experience or knowledge of the company could be good or bad.

In understanding what is involved in building a staffing model , 7 steps are listed below. What do you believe the company got right? what did they get wrong? Is the company a successful one and does the staffing play a role in that? Please tell me how. If you feel the company is not so successful, please tell me how you feel the staffing played a role in in not being successful. It is okay if you don’t recognize if all 7 steps were used by the company, but be sure to show where you recognize at least 4.

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7 steps for creating staffing strategies that work

  1. Determine your business goals
  2. Establish your current people landscape
  3. Analyze people patterns
  4. Identify staffing and people needs
  5. Create a future staffing projection
  6. Develop a strong employer brand and workplace culture
  7. Review the plan regularly.


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