Workplace Justice

Working in management in an organization often creates challenges in balancing justice and fairness to the individual with the needs of the organization. To do this well, the organization should create systems that help managers balance these needs through a systematic approach to issues. However, many times the perception of justice is what has to be managed. While the systems we create may be appropriately founded in the belief that fairness and justice is important, this does not mean that employees actually view the outcomes as fair and just. The perception that decisions are not fair and just can negatively affect employee behavior. On the other hand, many managers make decisions based on the belief that employees will always act in their own self-interest instead of the best interest of a work group or the organization. However, this is not always the case. In fact, many employees move beyond self-interest to support the needs of the group.

  • Analyze the issue defined in the article using Kwong and Wong’s article, “Fair or not fair? The effects of numerical framing on the perceive justice of outcomes.” link Provided…
  • Using the theories in this chapter and Kwong and Wong’s article, build an argument for the development of systems that support positive perceptions of workplace justice.
  • Discuss with your peers how your views differ from theirs. Support your position with theory.

One of the considerations when participating in course discussions is to keep an open mind and be appreciative of the fact that we don’t all share the same perspective. Ethical issues can many times bring emotions to the surface. Work to take a step back and use this as a learning experience about both yourself and others that you might work with on a daily basis.

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Your responses to the discussion questions should relate the assigned readings and viewings to the discussion topic and should not consist only of personal opinion. Your opinion is important to the discussion, but it is also important that you add connections to the material to support your views. Without a foundation in the literature, your opinion has little professional value. For example, “Based on Trevino and Nelson’s stance that cultural relativism creates an environment where unethical behavior is justified through the cultural discourse (year, P#), the discussion should center around……” This type of statement allows you to connect your views to the literature. This is possible even when you are providing personal examples.

Kwong,Y., & Wong, K. (2012). Fair or not fair? The effects of numerical framing on the perceived justice of outcomes. (Links to an external site.) Journal of Management, 40(6), 1558-1582. Retrieved from:…

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