Word Document

supplement what you have presented here with a word document which explains and presents:

1-The data analyses that you have included in your excel document.

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2-Please interpret your results, including your regression results.

3-Also briefly explain the methodology being used to regress one variable upon another, and the relationship between variables that you are using this to establish.
4-you presented your data but did not provide a verbal interpretation of what you see the data as communicating, given the tests that you ran. You need to talk about how this does or does not support your hypothesis.

5-Remember that your reference point should be the testing of a hypothesis, which you have presented as a symbolic statement. I don’t believe that I have seen this as yet. This was something that I noted in one of our first discussions.
Critical Thinking/Persuasiveness: You need to provide a verbal bridge between the data that you offer here, and the overall hypothesis that you are investigating.
6-Articulation of Response: Make sure that, in your final work, you include supporting references and a literature review.

Note: I sent the three Milestones documents and the excel document with the regression.

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