Wilmington University Changes to The Dodd Frank Act Discussion

The original paper is attached along with the professors comments. OK to rewrite within the paremeters of the professors comments.

Changes to the Dodd-Frank financial regulation law

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This paper will discuss the 2018 roll back of some of the Dodd-Frank financial regulation law which could potentially allow for a repeat of the 2008 global financial crisis.I will discuss the effects that it will have on as it has affected the housing markets and the changes in the lending interest rates as well as the effect on global economic activity and the rise in unemployment and what to do to prevent a future crisis.

You must present a problem that you will solve. Simply discussing items is not enough. In the first paragraph you need to clearly define the issue/problem that you will solve. In the draft paper and deeper in the final paper, you will lay out how you and a team will really solve this in the real world.

With respect to Dodd-Frank, what is the particular issue that is causing the most pain for you? Since Dodd-Frank was watered down by the current administration by changing the law, it seems obvious that the way to fix the current version of the law is to _______. How would you go about doing that?

  1. Paper must be analytic. Meaning one must combine research on the topic to define a problem and the key stakeholders harmed by the problem, explore the scope of the issue/problem, and provide recommendation and implementation plan. This can only be accomplished through analysis/examination of the issue or problem.
  2. Solely describing the issue/problem and/or the history of the issue/problem is insufficient. For example, writing on the history of the two most recent U.S. recessions is not an acceptable topic.
  3. Primary business sources must be used. Here is a recommended list of trade publications that are acceptable (this is not an inclusive list).
    • Bloomberg
    • CNN
    • New York Times
    • CNBC
    • BBC
    • Market Watch
    • Reuters
    • The Guardian
    • Economist
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Financial Times
  4. APA format must be used. The best sources for APA include the OWL APA website and the Wilmington University APA resources.
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